2008 National Camellia Show at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

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I got two awards on 2008 National Camellia Show at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I took part in photography competition.

The first photo picture is of species Camellia puniceiflora from section Paracamellia:

Camellia puniceiflora (粉红短柱茶 in Chinese) Chang 1981. A wild species distributed in China: Zhejiang, Hunan. Small leaves, grows up to 2 m (6 f) high.

The second photo picture is of sasanqua cultivar called Chojiguruma:

Chojiguruma, 丁子車 in Japanese. Means “a wheel of anemone” in Japanese. Introduced in 1789. Originated in Kansai, spread to many places. This anemone form is very rare for C. sasanqua cultivars.

The complete list of all results of the Camellia Photography Show is below:

Dear Exhibitors,
Here are the results of the Camellia Photography Show at Longwood Gardens this weekend.

Focus on Color: Class I


1. Dianne Schilling
2. Ashley Higgenbotham
3. Fred Shermer


1. Manisse Newell * Best in Show *
2. Joanne Rosen
3. Jane Ruffin
4. Mary Wood


1. Jane Ruffin
2. Penny Ross
3. Don Bergamini
4. Yuri Panchul


1. Ashley Higgenbotham
2. Suzanne P Hyatt
3. Phyllis Reynolds
4. Deane Hall

Elegant Beauties:

Class A

1. Joanne Rosen
2. Marnah Lund
3. Don Bergamini
4. Jane Ruffin

Class B

1. Phylllis Reynolds
2. Fred Schermer
3. Yuri Panchul
4. Ashley Higgenbotham

It was a beautiful exhibit, staged at the entrance to the main conservatory, and much admired by the public. Our thanks to everyone who sent entries: Your participation is what made the show a success.

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