Yuri and Anthony Panchul. December 2007.

My name is Yuri Panchul. I am an engineer, a former entrepreneur, a freelance popular science writer and father of three children. I am a Ukrainian-American and my wife Sayaka is Japanese-American. We live in San Francisco Bay Area.


I got some publicity in the area of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of a Silicon Valley company called C Level Design, which I founded back in 1996 and which was sold to a large company called Synopsys back in 2001.

I was studying in one of the best schools in Ukraine – Kiev Natural Science Lyceum (1984-1987) and in one of the best universities in Russia – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1987-1991). In addition to being a founder of C Level Design, I was working in Creative Labs (1994-1995), Mentor Graphics (1995-1996), Synopsys (2001-2003), Denali (2003-2009) and in Russian-American company Cognitive Technology Corporation (1991-1994).

Right now I work in MIPS Technologies (2009) – a company founded by Stanford President John Hennessy. Since 1980s MIPS has been a pioneer in modern processor design – MIPS processors were used in Silicon Graphics computers, Sony TV sets, video game consoles, photo cameras, laser printers and numerous other devices.

Since February 2013 MIPS Technologies became a division of British company Imagination Technologies, that is best known by its graphical processors used in Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy and other popular devices.

Some engineering publications that mention my name:

Electronic Engineering Times, Jan 26, 1998
Startup offers alternative to behavioral synthesis at DesignCon
By Richard Goering

Electronic News, Feb 22, 1999
C Level Design Bulks Up Management


I studied horticulture in Foothill College, California, where I also went through the whole biology and organic chemistry program, getting a degree in biology. I have a collection of more than 100 Camellia sasanqua cultivars, many related species and hybrids. I maintain website www.sazanka.org about these plants. I hybridize them and grow my own seedlings. I am a member of The International Camellia Society, American Camellia Society, San Francisco Peninsula Camellia Society and The Camellia Society of Santa Clara County.

Popular science and gardening journalism

As a freelancer I periodically write popular science articles for a major Russian magazine ‘The New Times’ (“Новое Время”). My articles also appeared in leading Russian horticulture magazines ‘Tsvetovodstvo’ (“Цветоводство”, “Ornamental Horticulture”) and “V Mire Rasteniy” (“В Мире Растений”, “The World of Plants”). I also helped journalist Lili Singer from Los Angeles Times to write her article about sasanquas, that was published back in 2006. In addition, my photo picture of sasanqua ‘Yuletide’ was published back in 2007 in San Francisco Chronicle and several dozens of my camellia photo pictures were recently included in a book about camellias that was published in China.


My wife Sayaka is a Japanese-American. She spent first 20 years of her life in Kyoto, Tokyo and Chiba. Sayaka came to the United States as an art student, studying oil painting. First she studied in Foothill College, then she transferred to the University of California, Berkeley, where she graduated with an art degree:

Sayaka Panchul 1998

We met in 1997:

Yuri and Sayaka Panchul (at that moment Sayaka Orita). Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles. July 1998.

We got married back in October 1998:

Yuri and Sayaka Panchul. Wedding photo. October, 1998.

This is a recent picture my family and my friend Shen Yinchun 沈荫椿, a Chinese-American working on a new book about camellias (on the photo’s left). The picture is made back in November 2007:

Shen Yinchun 沈荫椿, Yuri Panchul, Sayaka Panchul and children. Sunnyvale, California, November 10, 2007.

This is a photo picture of our garden, made in November 2007:

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