This website is completed

The website used to be my primary personal website, however I decided to put it in conservation mode. It still has useful articles, however I primarily put new updates on two other websites: and I am also active on Habrahabr, a Russian technology side, and use Facebook as my everyday diary.

The reason is in conservation mode is because I developed this website during a period of my life, 2003-2013, that I would like to keep separate from the time before and time after. Before 2003, I was a founder of a startup company in the area of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) that got acquired by a large company. After 2013, I became concentrated on microprocessor design and verification in MIPS design team, simultaneously traveling abroad to help Russian development in microelectronics. During 2003-2013 I was transitioning between these two states, and while transitioning, I did some very different things, including studying horticulture in a college and working as a part-time magazine writer. So I decided just to leave alone and move my new activity to other websites.

Briefly about the sites I am actively using:
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